Innovation Powered by Ecosystems

Take your innovation to the next level by tapping into our ecosystem of influencers, innovators, developers, entrepreneurs, consumers, channel partners, incubators, and communities.

Amplify                 Broadening input on ideas and activation

Accelerate           Rapid iteration and co-creation

Activate                    Agile, on-demand resources to support execution

Ecosystem Powered Innovation

Innovation is more powerful when you take an Ecosystem approach.  An Ecosystem approach brings together a broad base of resources, insights, and partnerships to support the process from Idea through launch.


Ecosystem Opportunity Identification 


We map out the future of industries and identify opportunity gaps by bringing together a range of resources - influencers, experts, innovators, entrepreneurs, cutting-edge technology.

Our approach is team/ecosystem vs. "guru" so it is better and more predictive


Through our entrepreneur accelerator and grant programs, we connect entrepreneurs with established companies for investment, co-creation, partnerships, licensing, and acquisition. 

Ecosystem Ideation 

We tap into many sources when brainstorming ideas.  Similar to defining opportunities, better quality ideas come out of a broader base of inputs.


We ideate with developers, innovators, scientists, universities, entrepreneurs, supply chain partners, channel partners, etc. to define industry needs and opportunities.


We also "co-create" with influencers and consumers.  Work directly with influencers and consumers in a rapid, iterative model to define their needs, build and refine innovation ideas, and develop go-to-market strategies.   

We also use the ecosystem of advisors and ideators to help validate, refine and prioritize ideas.

Ecosystem Development 

 Agile, On-Demand Resources - Tap into our resource network for product development, package design, contract manufacturing, marketing services, e-commerce, intellectual property management, and more.   



Rapid Development and Launch - With unique processes such as rapid prototyping, agile package design, and turnkey test markets, we have dramatically reduced timelines by as much as 75%. 

Ecosystem Launch 

We have a network of resources across channel partners and influencers to key demographics to support rapid, turn-key test markets and launches.


We have data partnerships (Inmar) to track launch results optimize plans




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We connect clients looking to accelerate the pace of change in their industry with fresh perspectives, promising startups and the tools to design, build and manage an innovation pipeline tailored to their needs.


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We're on a mission to build the Winston-Salem Entrepreneurial Ecosystem more intentionally. We serve as a convener to activate shared priorities, introduce new programs, create more capacity and help other communities do the same.

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