We connect clients looking to accelerate the pace of change in their industry with fresh perspectives, promising startups and the tools to design, build and manage an innovation pipeline tailored to their needs.

Our innovation consulting helps industries and companies connect with startups and design, build and manage innovation ecosystems and pipelines. For communities, we map and assess the current ecosystem, then design, build and manage a more complete one. We advise on best practices and trends and seek to connect communities with one another.

Can we help you accelerate change in your industry? 

We approach innovation consulting from a values-driven system: 



"Partnering with Agile City for innovation consulting and ecosystem building is an easy choice. You get access to top minds with proven track records to accelerate your initiatives, and your investment also fuels the important mission-driven work of Agile City to create more resilient, thriving and equitable economies."

"I consider our partnership with Agile City to be a gift. It allows me to keep doing what I'm good at and not worry about the things I don't know."

"Karen Barnes combines the ability to leverage ecosystems with delivering on customer needs using cutting-edge technologies."


Scroll to see some of the powerhouses our Agile City team has served to accelerate innovation in their respective industries.


We keep our eye on what it means to create real change and prioritize accordingly.


We get out there and see what works, try it and learn from the experience. We value action over planning.


We embrace the wild, weird and wonderful.


We understand the interconnectedness of this work and know it's a long-term play.


We work to create economies where everyone has a strong chance to thrive.

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